Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 11 Bible Study Crossword

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Ephesians 1 and 2 Bible Study

The Lord has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united in Christ.

Read Ephesians 1:1-5 When did God first begin loving you?_________________________ How does the Lord see you in His eyes?_______________________________ It has pleased the Lord that we have been a___________ into His family by bringing us to HIMSELF through J________________   C__________________.

Eph 1:10  God put the authority of all things – on heaven and earth- under whose authority?_____________

Eph 1:13 The H____________  S_______________ is given to those who believe.

Eph 1;14 The Spirit is God’s g_________________ of the _________________ He promised.

Read Ephesians 1: 15-20 What are some of the things Paul prayed for? Write your own prayer using this as an example:

Dear Heavenly Father, ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen

Ephesians 2

What do the first few verses warn us and tell us about the devil?

  • the world lives in d_______________ because they obey the devil
  • he is the c________________ of the u______________ world.
  • He is the s__________ at work in the h_________ of those who refuse to o__________  God.
  • He causes people to f___________ their passionate desires and inclinations of the their sinful heart.

Eph 2:6:  The Lord God gave us life when He raised C____________ from the d__________, for He raised US from the dead with Christ and He  s____________ us in the H____________ R______________ because we are united with Christ Jesus.

Eph 2:9  Is salvation a reward for good works you’ve done?____________________________ Eph 2:8 Can I take credit for my own salvation? How can I be saved? (Eph 2:8)_____________________ Eph 2:10 I am God’s M_________________________.

Eph 2:14 What two groups of people that were once separated by a wall of hostility are now joined together to become one people?_______________________________________________________

Eph 2:18  Now we can come to the F___________ through the same H_________S__________ because of what Christ has done for us.







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2 Book of Job bible study

(This is one of my longer studies, so it should be broken down into a few studies) 

     Job (rhymes with robe) is the 18th book of the bible between the book of Esther and Psalms. Job was a wealthy and godly man who lost everything he owned including his children and his health! Job did not understand why he was suffering. Job’s friends came and wrongly assumed this suffering was a punishment for him and they had a lot to say to Job, but Job stood firm. He knew that God was not mad at him. He sat in silence while his friends spoke until he couldn’t be quiet anymore.

      Job’s replies to his friends and his cries to the Lord are all written in this book. Finally God answers Job.  We learn that God is in control of this world and only he understands why the good are allowed to suffer. No matter what happens in our life, we must remain faithful and committed to him.  In suffering we learn that all we need is God. We must love Him in our good times and in our bad times. Sometimes the things we face are difficult, but this is our testing time. Your difficult situations can bring you closer to God. Those who endure their difficult times of their faith will experience God’s great reward in the end.

(To make things easier before you start, look in the front of you bible on the contents pages. Look up and write down the page number of  Job________Proverbs________ Psalms_____________ Hosea____________ and Daniel___________ on the lines provided here. Use these page numbers to help you as you look up your verses.)

Job 1:1   Job was a ________________ man of ______________________. He feared God and stayed away from _____________.

Definition of Integrity: a person having integrity would be a person with good values, who is honest and truthful in all things.

 Go to Proverbs 12:24    Work hard and become a _____________________; be lazy and become a _________.

Those who control their tongue will have a ____________ _______________.

 Read Job Chapters 1 and 2.
Job 1:10
What did God put around Job, his home and his property? ____________________________________________________

Job 1:10
Who made Job prosper in everything he did ?_________________________

Job 2:11   What were the names of Job’s 3 friends that came to see him?

Job 1:22
 What was the sin the Job did NOT commit? __________________________

 Job went through some terrible and difficult times in his life. Look up and list the 5 things that happened to Job:

1- Job 1:14_______________________________________

2-Job 1:16_______________________________________

3- Job 1:17_______________________________________

4- Job 1:18_______________________________________

5-Job 2:7_________________________________________

What was Job’s reply to all this? See Job 2:10. Would this have been your reply?______________________________________________________

 ReadJob 7:17-18   Circle the correct answer:

God thinks of us: a) sometimes b )once in a while  c) often and every morning and every moment or d) only when we are good

 Read Job 16:1-6 Was Job happy or upset with his friends?_______________________

Job 16:3 How did Job describe the words of his friends?

    _______________  __________ ________________.

Job 22:15-18 in  vs 17:   What did evil people say to God? _____________________________________!

Even though they sinned, God still tried to call them, what did he fill their houses with?_______________________________________________.

 Job 22:21 If you want peace and all to go well for you, what must you do? __________________________________________________.

Definition: Submit: Submitting to God just means that you let God control your life and you put Him first in all you do.

 Job 22:22 Where are we to store God’s laws and instructions?_____________________

Job 22:23 What does God want people to do with their lives?______________________

What do you think God wants people to clean up in their lives?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Job 22:24-25  What is the most valuable treasure we could search for?
a)      money and riches
b)      silver and gold
c)      fame and popularity
d)      The Lord you God

How can you search for this treasure?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Job 23:10 What does God know about you?____________________________________.

When you have a hard time with something and nothing is going your way, let this be an opportunity of learning and testing. If you endure or finally get through this time the bible says you will be as pure as ____________.

Read and Write Job 34:19:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Job 34:21 God sees _____________________ we do. He __________________ how we live.

 God to Hosea 7:2 What is it that people don’t realize?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Psalm 103:3  He forgives ____________ our sins and he ________________ all of our diseases.

Psalm 103:12 How far has God removed our sins?______________________________

 Psalm 50:10 What does God own? ________________________________________________________________________          

 What does He know?__________________________________________________________________

 Write Psalms 50:12 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Daniel 5:23 Who gives you life and is in control of your destiny or your future?______________________

 Read Job 38 through 40 verse 1 with you mom or dad.

 Job 38:11 What did God tell the waters of the sea? ___________________________________________________________________

 Job 38:22 What are does God have storehouses of ?_________________________

Job 39:16 What animal is harsh or mean to their young and doesn’t care if they die?_________________________________ (hint: start at verse 13 for answer)

Job 42:10 What did the Lord do when Job prayed for his friends:   he ________________________ their fortunes, and he gave him ____________ as much as before.

Go to Daniel 10:12; Daniels prayers and requests were heard in heaven on the   ________ day he began praying.

Job 42:11 Job was comforted by his family and former friends because of all the __________ the Lord had brought against him.

 For the next questions, you will need to go back to Job 1:2-3 and fill in the blanks and then go forward to Job 42:12.

List the amount of animals and children Job in the beginning and then list the amount that the Lord gave to him in the end:

 Job 1:2-3                                            Job 42.12

Camels:__________                            camels:_____________
Sheep:__________                              sheep:______________
Oxen:__________                               oxen:_______________
Donkeys__________                           donkeys:____________
Sons:_____________                          sons:________________
Daughters:__________                        daughters:____________

“and in all the land  no women were as lovely as the daughters of Job”

 Then he died and old man who had lived a _________, _______________ Life.

 Write and memorize Jeremiah 10:6-7 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Extra: Scripture look up: (Rom 5:3-5)

Extra Credit :O)

“The LORD answered Job out of the _____.” JOB 38:1
The LORD asked, “Who is this who darkens counsel by words without _____.”
 Again the LORD said, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the _____?” JOB 38:4
 The LORD continued, “Can you lift up your voice to the _____, that an abundance of water may cover you?” JOB 38:34
Can you send out _____________, that they may go, and say to you, ‘Here we are!’? ” JOB 38:35
The LORD asked, “Does the _____ mount up at your command, and make its nest on high?”
 “Shall the one who _______________ with the Almighty correct Him? ” JOB 40:2
The LORD questioned Job, saying, “Would you condemn Me that you may be _____?” JOB 40:8
Furthermore the LORD asked, “Have you an _____ like God?” JOB 40:9

 The LORD said, “Then adorn _____ with majesty and splendor, and array yourself with glory and beauty.” JOB 40:10

 The LORD said, “Then I will also confess to you that your own right hand can _____ you.” JOB 40:14

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How should I treat others? Bible study lesson 1

Matthew 7 : 1-2  “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.

According to this verse, how will you be treated?___________________________________________________________

 What are we told not to do?_______________________________

   How do you treat others? Stop for a moment and consider your ways. If you have judged anyone unfairly, made fun of others or talked about someone behind their back, stop and tell the Lord you are sorry. Ask Him to help you stop judging others.

    Dear Father in Heaven,
Forgive me for speaking wrong words and judging others. Forgive me for unkind words I have said about others. Specifically, forgive me for


     Lord, I want to be more like you. Thank you for sending your son Jesus  so that I can always before your throne. Thank you for hearing my prayer and forgiving me. I love you Lord, In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

The Lord wants you to love others just as He love you!

  Romans 13:10 Love does no w______ to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God’s law.

      Romans 12:9  Don’t just p_________ to l_________ others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.
 How can you show love to others?  What is the difference between pretending to love others and really loving them?________________________________________________________

Matthew 5:43-46 Jesus said “You have heard the law that says, ‘L______ your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, L_____ your e___________! P_____ for those who persecute you!  In that way, you will be acting as true c___________ of your Father in heaven.

What is the new command Jesus has given us?_________________________________

Matthew 5 :46   If you are kind only to your friends, how are you d____________ from anyone else? Even pagans do that. But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

Luke 6:27  “But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your e______________! Do g________ to those who hate you. B___________ those who curse you.  P______ for those who hurt you.

  Who are you to love? ______________________________
   Do good to those who ______________ you. 
   Who are we to pray for ?____________________________.
              Pray for those persecute (hurt) you and pray for your enemies. This means you are to pray for those who hurt you. This isn’t always easy, but it is what Jesus wants us to do. Is there someone who has hurt your feelings or been mean to you? Let’s stop and pray for those who hurt us as Jesus has commanded us.

         Dear Lord God,
     Father, I want to pray for _______________. This person has hurt me and I want to forgive him/her for this. Lord, you forgive me and I forgive others. Please bring peace and the love of God into __________’s heart. Thank you for ____________ and thank you for teaching me your ways. In Jesus name, Amen

Proverbs 17:9 Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.

        King Solomon wrote this wise Proverb about the importance of love and forgiveness. “dwelling on it separates close friends”. What does this mean to you? (dwelling on it means you keep thinking about it over and over and and keep talking about it to everyone, the opposite of dwelling on it means you have forgiven and forgotten about it)__________________________________________________________

      King Solomon was the son of King David . Read 1 Kings 3:5 –

     The Lord appeard to Solomon in a dream and asked Solomon “ What do you want ? Ask, and I will give it to you!”

1- If the Lord asked you that, what would be your answer?

2- What was Solomon’s answer?  (see verse 8-9)

3- Was the Lord happy or sad with Solomon’s answer?  (verse 10)

4- Did God answer Solomon’s request? What did Solomon receive? ( verse 11-14)

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